Prophetic Declaration for March 2023 – Covenant

“My covenant I will not break, Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.”

Ps 89:34 NKJV

Welcome to March 2023 – Our Month of Covenant

This month is declared as our month of Covenant.
The covenant-keeping God will surely visit you and your household with unprecedented miracles.
The covenant of abundant life will find full expression in your life and ministry.
God’s covenant of grace will rewrite your story for good.

Divine covenant nullifies all strange and contrary covenants operating in your life and family.
The covenant blessings of Abraham are yours in Christ.
The covenant of victory is yours; From today there shall be no more defeat in your life and ministry.
The God that gave David total victory over his enemies will fight your battles from this day forward. He will silence your enemies permanently.

The covenant of sound health is yours: your strength will not fail.
The covenant of long life is yours: you will spend your days in joy and your years in pleasure.
The covenant of prosperity is yours; no more lack in your household.
The covenant of protection is yours, no evil shall befall you.

The covenant of fruitfulness is yours: barrenness has no place around you.
From now on, everything around you blossoms, radiating God’s glory.
The covenant of grace is yours; the dominion of sin is broken over you.
The covenant of redemption is yours; no more oppressions in your life, career and ministry.
The covenant of peace is yours; no trouble is permitted around you.

The covenant of strength is yours; you will not faint or be weary in your assignment.
The grace to diligently obey the Word of His covenant is now released unto you.
You will not fail your part in the covenant.
The grace to please God in all your ways is yours from this day forward.

Your season of the rich and satisfying life is here in Jesus’ mighty name.
The Angel of the God of the covenant that established this church will uphold and strengthen you throughout this year and beyond.

So shall this month be better for you, your household and the entire Gospel Faith Mission International worldwide because the God of the Covenant will deal wondrously with you in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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