Prophetic Declaration for February 2024 – Evangelism

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

– Mark 16:15

Welcome to February 2024 – Our Month of Evangelism

This month is declared as our season of Evangelism.
It shall be a season of great harvest of souls in all our assemblies.
The grace of obedience to the Great Commission is released unto you.
The wisdom of soul-winning is imparted to you right now.
You are sent forth as an agent of reconciliation everywhere you go.

You will shine as light in your school, business and workplace, leading many to Christ.
The passion for soul-winning is rekindled in your heart right now.
Kingdom advancement will be your priority from now on.
Through you, many around you will come to the knowledge of salvation.

As you go, the Lord will work with you to confirm the word with signs and wonders.
The word of the Lord in your mouth will be a tool for Kingdom harvest.
Your character would bring glory to God on a daily basis.
You will be the joy of many generations.

No more spiritual barrenness for you.
The Lord make your life a testimony that would draw many to Him.
Now, the harvest is ripe, therefore our churches will grow exponentially.
A great harvest will answer to our evangelistic efforts.
We shall take cities and territories for God.
Nations will flow into our churches worldwide.
The fire of fruitful evangelism is rekindled in all our Churches worldwide.

prophetic declaration, february 2024, evangelism

GOFAMINT will flow into many more nations and break forth on every side.
There shall be a massive harvest of souls all across GOFAMINT Worldwide.
There shall be a supernatural numerical increase in all our assemblies and programs.
World changers will emerge from our churches across the nations.
A little one among us shall become a thousand.

The joy of salvation will burst forth in all our assemblies.
GOFAMINT Worldwide will experience unusual breakthroughs and increase this year.
So, shall this month be better than the last because the Lord will deal wondrously with you, your household and GOFAMINT worldwide in Jesus’ mighty name.

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