16 Keys for Building Profitable Business Relationships

Did you know that It is difficult to be successful in this life without understanding the power of relationships? When you know how to relate, you will most likely succeed in life.

Most of the people we see that are unsuccessful are in such a situation because they lack the right relationships. When you see people doing well in life/business/career, understand that there are certain relationships in place in their life that have helped them along. It is a common saying that,  “When God wants to bless you, He will release and send a relationship your way“. The same goes for the enemy. When the enemy wants to harass you, he will deny you the right relationship and connect you with the wrong ones.

If there is an area in our lives that need to change for the better, it’s due to lack of relationships. Because of this, I have decided to put together 16 practical keys for building profitable business relationships.

How to Win in Life (Study Guide)

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